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Variants of the Shredder

1. Organic Waste Shredder

Power 1 to 3
Capability 500 kg per hour
Frequency 50-60 HZ
Phases used 3 phase
Phases Used Moderate
Operation Training required
Peripheral replacement once/twice a year
Shredder base heavy
Shredder body robust and durable

This shredder is not expensive when comparing it to the market variants. The shredder can have a problem with high-fiber organic waste and that can accumulate at the bottom and can also get stuck onto the blade, which results in inefficiency.

To tackle this issue the shredder needs to be disassembled or opened and the clogged material needs to be removed from the blades, to make it work again, you will need to insert or feed the organic waste slowly so that there is an unlikely chance of it getting stuck again.

  • Kelvin Dual Shaft Organic Waste Shredder
  • Cutting Capability 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 700, 1000
    Motor power Depends upon Capacity
    Number of Wheels 4
    Voltage 420 V
    Number of Shafts 2
    Body material medium strength steel with robust structure.
    Mode electrical
    Blade material special quality hardened steel
    Maintenance gearbox oiling

    The dual shaft comes with a gearbox that was designed with the safety of the workers operating it in mind, the users are impressed with its durable performance and it can go for lengthy periods of time, the control system is praiseworthy as there is an auto-reverse panel available, the labyrinth seals safeguard the bearings from water.

  • Kelvin Single Shaft Organic Waste Shredder Machine
  • Shredded waste type Mixed organic
    Mode Automatic
    Voltage 440 V
    Shredding capability 50 kg / hour to 500 kg/hjour

    This variant is not too expensive, so users on a budget can go for this option

Working of the Organic waste shredder

An insight to how an organic shredder operates

  • The waste is put in the machine via a hopper located at the top of the machine
  • A rolling shaft sucks in the waste, the cutting blades that are placed on the guides of the cutter, enough power is produced via the knife blades to slice the organic wastes, and the rotating blade further chops the matter and assists in cutting it to a smaller size.
  • The output is now dumped into the 1st dump stage, the fine particles are collected, the powdering blades and sieve are facilitated to gather the grain particles in a dump stage 2
  • When the matters or crop grains encounter the rotating blades the shear procedure begins the clearance varies for stationary guides and revolving guides depending on the size of the matter

2. Kelvin Coconut shredder machine

Shredded waste type Coconut
Shredding capability 50-1000 kg / hour
Body material medium strength steel
Voltage 440 V
Mode Electric
Total Shaft variants 4 / 2 / 1
Output size fine

This machine is often used in farmhouses and other communities. This machine is a bit expensive due to its features and heavy duty performance.

Kelvin water technologies provide you many options related to the organic waste shredding, according to your specifications we can deliver you the right product

3. Wood Chipper

Uses: wood grinding, economical, space saver

The garden excesses can be transformed into fertilizer with the help of wood chippers.

The Mechanism used for shredding

Anvil and shred disk with measured size (entry and exit) : With dual side shredding knives, it has a flywheel with 2 divides; the spin of the disk is set at high speed, the anvil platter holds and positions the waste to be shredded.

Shred disks and prior to cut knives : The pre-slice knives rotate quickly, best suitable for twigs and softer wastes. Without the pre-cut knives, the shred disk will cut the branches into lengthy shreds.

Low noise slicing and cutting : A drum is used to hold, slice, and crush the branches against an anvil platter, best suitable for branches that need to be transformed into wood fragments.

Turbine blades : This technique shreds thorns, twigs, and branches about 4 cm, the revolving blades are incorporated here; the blades can operate in a reverse manner. Wood logs and green waste is shredded via this technique. This is a quiet process.

Shredding disk and hammer mill : The branches are input in through a specific dock, the knives pre-slice it, and the shredders crush it afterward.

Beat and whip : It is used for large wood logs and leaves, this is a technique used by bigger machines, the screens have waste inside them in a hammer mill that is sliced to finer fragments, also tree specialists with a tow bar use this technique.

Some of the high-quality garden shredders

  • Kelvin Silent Garden Shredder
  • Mechanism used Turbine chopping
    Bin size 50 litres. This ensures safe working conditions
    Waste type hard branches, smooth grass
    Weight >32kg
    Height >2 feet
    Wheels 2 at the backside
    Noise created 80 decibels
    Motor power 2500 watts
    Shred per hour > 210 kg
    Reps per minute > 4000

    It has touch control and a reverse button that helps in untangling the waste if stuck in the blades.

    Though as good as you would expect this gardening product to be, it is definitely not the cheapest shredder in the market by any means.

  • Kelvin Blade garden shredder
  • Bin optional
    Weight > 11 kg
    Motor power 2200 watts
    Cut length 3-4cm

    An Everyday choice for many, you can move it around in your garden with ease. Users like the affordability and the plenty of features it comes with.

  • Kelvin Speedy garden shredder
  • Bin size 50 litres. Weight
    Motor power 2500 watts

    This is your go-to choice if you want to buy a garden shredder with a limited budget. This shredder is not the best when you have a large amount of garden waste that needs to be cut into smaller parts of about 4 cm, you can opt for a heavy cutting shredder for that purpose, whereas if you are looking for a shredder for light waste cutting and compost purposes, then this will come in handy.

  • Kelvin Portable Garden Shredder
  • Bin size 50 litres
    Weight 15 kg
    Wheelbase big
    Motor Power 2500 watts
    Reps per minute > 4000
    Power wire length 6 m
    Sliced length 4 cm

    This one of the better budget garden shredders you can hope to get your hands on.

    Kelvin water technologies provide capable garden shredders at reasonable prices; as per your requirements, we can deliver the right product for you.

FAQs – Shredder

Q1. What is waste shredder?

Ans. Waste shredders are machines that are used in recycling and waste processing. They can reduce a wide range of waste materials that differ in dimensions, sort, weight, and composition to a uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storage, and transportation.

Q2. How does a waste shredder work?

Ans. They have an electric motor that turns a rotor that is enclosed in a chamber and has cutting blades attached to it. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The rotor blades shred the material into reusable granules in the chamber.

Q3. Do I need a shredder to make compost?

Ans.If you're composting on a large scale, you'll need a dependable compost shredder that can cut through all your garden waste, including dry twigs and large branches. It's simpler than using a variety of garden tools, and it's preferable to dealing with a manual compost shredder.

Q4. How do I choose the best industrial shredder?


  • Material to be shredded.
  • Size of the shredder
  • Shredding capacity
  • Safety features
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Cost

Q5. Where can I find Organic Waste shredder Manufacturer?

Ans. You can find the best Organic Waste shredder at Kelvin Water Technologies with best prices.

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