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Services offered in Demineralization Plant/DM Plant-MB Plant

Demineralization Plant/DM Plant-MB Plant

We have with us extensive experience in making available precision engineered and functioning Demineralization Plant. These plants come backed with latest ion exchange technology that helps these plants to effectively remove salts including cations and anions from water which as soluble chemical compounds become ionized when dissolved in water.


Product Details

  • Demineralization plants available in form of automatic two-tank plants or as mixed-bed plants.

  • These are frequently used where there are stringent needs of low content of salt and silica in water.

  • Demineralization plants specially designed to provide low-cost supply of de-ionized water that is typically less than 10 micro-siemens.

  • Chemical resistant valves used on vessels that control service and regeneration flows.

  • These plants make use of commercially available hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide for regenerating resins when required.

Application Areas

Demineralizers are used in demineralization plants and systems for various commercial, residential and industrial applications.

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