Semi Automatic Composter

Semi Automatic Composter


As the name suggests, this machine comes with a curing system which helps in composting in a more natural way. This machine is completely automatic but it requires manpower in some of its working process & thus called semi-automatic. Semi-Composter mix the batch of waste in 40-45 minutes properly & after that it is transferred to curing system for further process.

Features of Semi-Automatic Composter Machine:-

  • Fully Automatic operation for machine as well curing system but requires manpower for waste handling from owc machine to curing system.

  • Quality of compost is very good as compared to fully automatic composter.

  • Machine inner & outer parts made of SS 304 increases the durability of machine.

  • After initial cycle of 12 days, you start getting compost on daily basis.

  • As process is completely natural, so with space and time quality of compost also enriches.

  • Optional automatic feeding arrangement to feed into machine directly.

  • Noise level below 70 decibels.

  • Wheel mounted machine for easy movement.

  • Safety features loaded in machine for automatic cut-off & on.

  • Very Low OPEX.

Models Available with us for Semi- Automatic Machine

  • K-OWC 50

  • K-OWC 100

  • K-OWC 150

  • K-OWC 200

  • K-OWC 250

  • K-OWC 300

  • K-OWC 350

  • K-OWC 400

  • K-OWC 500

  • K-OWC 750

  • K-OWC 1000

  • K-OWC 1250

  • K-OWC 1500

  • K-OWC 2000

  • K-OWC 5000

Process of Semi-Automatic Composter to convert organic waste into compost: -

  • After feeding organic waste into shredder, it will pass the shredded waste into the mixer chamber of machine.

  • Once you have shredder all organic waste, close input door of machine & let the cycle of 40-45 minutes start per batch.

  • After completion of cycle, remove well mixed waste and transfer it to curing system.

  • Fill each crate 60 % only and place in curing system. Curing system will manage sprinkling system after a complete dry out again and again and when it is required to fasten the process of composting.

  • For first 12 days, we donot get anything in output but after 12 days, we start getting a complete natural and high quality compost.

Accessories Manufactured & Supplied by Kelvin for Compost Management

Automatic Feeding Trolley

Waste Handling Trolley

Conveyor for Automatic Feeding


Storage Racks

Hand Shovels

Bio culture




Safety Gloves & Masks

HDPE Organic Beds for Storage

What to compost and what to not?

Application area for Organic Waste Composter Machine: -

  • Residentials Buildings

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Malls & SuperMarkets

  • Cafeterias & Canteens

  • Market

  • Commercial Complex

  • Farms & Stables

  • Hospitals

  • Temples

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