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Services offered in Industrial & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant

Industrial & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse osmosis (RO) is currently the most mature membrane technology for desalination at a relatively low cost which is employed for approximately 50% of desalination plants in the world.

Reverse osmosis is a pressure-driven membrane separation technology with an operating pressure of 1.5–12 MPa and a cut-off limit of 0.1–1 nm, this can eliminate all suspended solids, dissolved matters, and colloid from the liquid mixture.

Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated membrane liquid separation technology, which can block all the suspended solids, dissolved matters, colloids, all dissolved salts, and organic matters having a molecular weight greater than 100. However, leachate molecules can pass through. Taking the discharge standard into account, two stage reverse osmosis membrane treatment process is adopted in this project. The first stage reverse osmosis unit aims to treat NF effluent for leachate reuse. The second stage reverse osmosis unit treats the concentrate from the first stage to the level required for incineration. Concentrate of the second stage flows back to incinerator.

Specification of RO Plants

  • Technology : Reverse Osmosis

  • Membrane Housing : Depends upon no. of membranes

  • No. of Membrane : As per exact capacity

  • Pre-filtration : Activated carbon filter, multigrade filter, cartridge filter, ultra filtration, ozonatore

  • Post-filtration (Optional) : UV sterilizer

  • Other Accessories : Raw water pump, high pressure pump, dosing pump, rota meter, pressure gauze, control panel, skid, volt meter, amp. meter etc

  • Functioning : Automatic

  • Input TDS : 10000 ppm & Above

  • Portable : Easy to transport/can be containerized

Types of RO or Reverse Osmosis Plant

Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of RO Plants or Reverse Osmosis plants or solution to cater the water-related needs in India. The RO plants or solutions has been diversified into 3 categories as per the usage and requirements of the market:

  1. Residential RO plants or systems

  2. Industrial RO plants or systems

  3. Commercial RO plants or systems

Full Stainless Steel (SS) RO Plant

Full SS RO plant is built with high quality of stainless steel to make the plant durable, long lasting, efficient working. Due to the nature, complexities and health concerns involved in areas such as food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industries etc, they are in high demand of SS RO plants. Besides such specific industrial undertakings, SS RO plants are highly preferred in filtering sea water and other water sources with high TDS contents.

Some of the features of SS RO Plants

  1. Less space required to install

  2. Easy to operate

  3. Durable and strong

  4. Modular design with the modular techniques

  5. Less power consumption


  • Stainless steel pumps

  • Microprocessor based control panel

  • FRP Pressure vessel

  • Gauges

  • High rejection TFC Membranes

  • Product and reject flow meters

  • High-pressure tubing and switches

Applications of RO Plant

  • Drinking water for individuals

  • Boiler feed water

  • Ion exchange pre-treatment

  • Beverage production

  • Food processing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Microelectronic

  • Aquaculture

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Car washing

  • Hydrogen production

  • Reef aquariums

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